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Dec 7, 2022
IBM Reveals Its 433 Qubit Quantum Computer
The theme of this year's IBM Quantum Summit, held in November, was "The Next Wave," as IBM believes quantum is rapidly approaching an inflection point. The company hit several Quantum roadmap milestones, including the most supercomputing qubits in one system and set down a new industry challenge. During these summits, IBM updates the industry on its on-going efforts to make ...
EE Times

Dec 7, 2022
Apple's first car effort might not be self-driving after all
Apple has talked a big game about its future plans to break into the automotive market. But a report from Bloomberg says that Apple has had to scale back its plans. Last ...

Dec 7, 2022
Better Energy Future Starts With Cutting Waste
Cutting wasted energy, at home and in industry, is an essential first step toward slowing greenhouse gas emissions—even before switching to renewable supply sources, ...
EE Times

Dec 7, 2022
Tim Cook says Apple will use chips built in the U.S. at Arizona factory
Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that Apple will buy U.S.-made microchips at an event in Arizona, where President Joe Biden also spoke. Cook said Apple would buy processors ...

Dec 7, 2022
How Supply Chain Transparency Aids a Wider Agenda
Supply chain pros are laser focused on transparency and resiliency, but there are at least three mega trends that are amplifying their importance: climate change, friend ...
EPS News

Dec 7, 2022
Apple self-driving update as plans for fully autonomous vehicle without steering wheel or pedals is delayed until 2026
Reports claim that the tech giant's automated vehicle, nicknamed Project Titan, will debut at under $100,000. Project Titan organizers have realized that their original version ...
The U.S. Sun

Dec 7, 2022
The Most Effective Way to Become a Millionaire Is Still Through Education. Here's Why.
In a world where attention is so valuable, yet so hard to acquire, business owners and influencers are constantly searching for means to reach more people and make more ...

Dec 7, 2022
Microsoft could soon have its first union
Some 300 quality assurance workers at Microsoft-owned gaming studio ZeniMax are in the process of voting to form what would be the first union at the tech giant, organizers ...

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