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Sep 30, 2022
5 Technologies to Make Your Supply Chain Smart
According to Gartner's survey Lessons Learned From the 2022 Supply Chain Award Winners, 61% of supply chain leaders consider technology a source of competitive ...
EPS News

Sep 30, 2022
Likelihood of a Recession in 2023 in the United States and Europe Continues to Increase
According to IPC's September 2022 economic outlook report, the economic picture in the United States continues to dim and the likelihood of a recession next year continues ...

Sep 29, 2022
Apple Glasses coming soon? Tim Cook teases revolutionary AR
Apple rarely announces products that aren’t ready to be released. And it hardly teases top-secret devices it might be developing behind closed doors. But augmented reality (AR) is somewhat of an exception, especially when it comes to Tim Cook teasing what Apple is interested in. The executive just addressed the topic of AR in a new interview. He teased that people ...

Sep 29, 2022
Apple dials back plan to boost iPhone 14 production due to slumping demand
One reason for the dip could be the economic slump that China is currently experiencing. According to a note from Jefferies, iPhone 14 sales over the first three days ...

Sep 29, 2022
Hand Printing using Nanocoated and other High End Stencil Materials
This study details the effectiveness of nanocoating materials, high end stainless steel stencil materials, as they relate to the manual SMT printing ...
Circuit Insight - Production Floor

Sep 29, 2022
Advanced in Packaging for Emerging Technologies
A review about latest advances in packaging and drivers for the development of novel packaging technologies will be given in this paper ...
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab

Sep 29, 2022
Analyst Cites New Incentives for IT/OT Convergence
The age-old issue of information technology and operations technology working together—known as IT/OT convergence—is still a work in process ...
EE Times

Sep 29, 2022
Apple stock drops on concerns about iPhone 14 demand
Shares of Apple fell 4% in early trading Wednesday amid concerns about demand for the company's latest lineup of iPhones. ...

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