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Apr 9, 2021
MacBook, iPad Production Delayed as Supply Crunch Hits Apple
Production of some of Apple Inc's MacBooks and iPads has been postponed due to a global component shortage, the Nikkei reported. Chip shortages have caused delays in a key step in MacBook production, the report said, adding that some iPad assembly was postponed because of a shortage of displays and display components. As a result of the delay, Apple has pushed back ...

Apr 9, 2021
Microsoft unveils liquid cooling solution for datacenters
Microsoft has announced to begin implementing a two-phase immersion liquid cooling solution that is co-developed with Wiwynn, to its datacenter in the state of ...

Apr 9, 2021
A Theory of (Almost) Everything
Steven Cherry Hi this is Steven Cherry for Radio Spectrum. If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that the world is not only changing quickly, it's changing at a faster ...
IEEE Spectrum

Apr 9, 2021
Toyota unveils new models in advanced driver-assist technology push
Toyota Motor Corp unveiled new models of Lexus and Mirai in Japan, equipped with advanced driver assistance, as competition heats up to develop more self-driving ...

Apr 9, 2021
Tech Giants Enter Their Chips in the Race for Self-driving Cars
ADAS and other autonomous driving technologies can apply automatic braking, park your car, adapt cruise control to road conditions, monitor blind spots, watch out ...
All About Circuits

Apr 9, 2021
What will self-driving trucks mean for truck drivers?
"Last week, I put 73 hours in. You're not getting home through the week," Craig Hoodless says of his job behind the wheel of a truck. "After a full day's driving you're ...
BBC News

Apr 9, 2021
4 Great Things That Happened When We Went Remote
If you've ever been a skeptic of remote work, you're not alone. Trust me when I say I had doubts that employees in all departments would able to do it. But due to the ...

Apr 9, 2021
iPhone 13 is going to be worth the wait: All the major upgrades we're looking forward to
Every year at this time, there are an ever-increasing number of rumors about the next iPhone, and 2021 is no exception. The iPhone 12 family is six months old ...

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