March 14, 2023

VIEWPOINT 2023: Robert J Black jr., North American Sales Manager, Essegi Automation S.r.l.

VIEWPOINT 2023: Robert J Black jr., North American Sales Manager, Essegi Automation S.r.l.
Robert J Black jr., North American Sales Manager, Essegi Automation S.r.l.
Lingering effects from the Covid Pandemic continued to affect the market in 2022. Supply chain issues and component shortages affected the ability of many electronics manufacturers to operate normally. Skilled labor shortages were also an impediment to normal production operations. In spite of these factors, I am pleased to report that Essegi Automation achieved strong growth and shipped a record number of systems during 2022.

During 2022, many companies continued to pursue automation projects as an alternative to hiring additional employees. The shortage of skilled labor in the market has been a major problem for many manufacturers. In addition, wage increases have been strong raising the labor cost component of company operations. Essegi Automation has experienced increasing growth in our fully automated component storage products.

The ability to pull kits and deliver them automatically to the production line without the need of manual labor has attracted many manufacturers into investing in these automated systems. Considering the increased labor costs, many of our customers are seeing ROI’s of less than 12 months, and several projects resulted in ROI’s of less than nine months.

Another exciting development during 2022 was the integration of the Nordson Assure x-ray component counter into Essegi's fully automated systems by use of the machine interface module (MIM). This allows components to be counted automatically at any time. Several customers have implemented automatic third shift cycle counting where a list of the components to be counted is sent electronically to the Essegi system and they are automatically transported to the counter, counted, and returned to the storage tower without any operator action needed. When the first shift begins the updated quantities of already been entered in the system and can be shared with the customers ERP system automatically.

As we enter the 2023 business year, Essegi Automation is forecasting continued strong growth in markets around the world. The year began with a record backlog of orders and strong project activity. As a result of our continued strong growth, we are planning a factory expansion with the goal of doubling our capacity by the end of the year. I also want to thank Bill Astle and the whole team at Juki Automation Systems, Inc. for a great job as our exclusive distributors in 2022 and continuing this year.

Robert J Black jr., North American Sales Manager
Essegi Automation S.r.l.
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