March 13, 2023

VIEWPOINT 2023: Michael Sivigny, General Manager, CeTaQ Americas

If You Don't Measure, You Don't Know.

VIEWPOINT 2023: Michael Sivigny, General Manager, CeTaQ Americas
Michael Sivigny, General Manager, CeTaQ Americas
A simple tag line for complex quality improvement initiatives. The year in 2022 was great for CeTaQ Americas. Thank you to all of our service and product clients, we appreciate you! While we strive to help companies improve their bottom-line profitability, we saw a marked growth in our own profitability metrics.

CeTaQ Trends
SMT manufacturing clients continue to benefit from using CeTaQ services for new line validations, evaluating equipment for purchase, and regular accuracy optimization exercises. A newer purchase strategy uses a PO contingency clause in agreements between OEM and end users purchasing equipment. Machines must pass a 3rd party performance validation before final payment is made. Simple protection to ensure your million dollar line is ready to produce a million defect free products.

Industry Trends
Onshoring is ramping up from less desirable manufacturing climates due to quality and geopolitical concerns. Some interterritorial clients even believe they can do their own SMT better than their outsourcing partner(s) due to quality. A top 3 automotive electronics giant used CeTaQ's newest tool, CmPrint 2.0, to evaluate printer suppliers for future technology needs.

The tool offers a comprehensive test that simultaneously measures printing accuracy and squeegee force together during each print stroke. The dynamic measurement highlights quantifiable movement between board and stencil as squeegee force increases. Stable performance and print definition are critical as smaller components and more complex products are introduced into SMT manufacturing.

CeTaQ provides 3rd party on-site mobile measurement & equipment solutions for validating quality performance specifications.

Michael Sivigny, General Manager
CeTaQ Americas
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