February 15, 2022

VIEWPOINT 2022: Robert Moor, CEO, PROTAVIC International

VIEWPOINT 2022: Robert Moor, CEO, PROTAVIC International
Robert Moor, CEO, PROTAVIC International
Was your business able to recover fully or partially from the global pandemic during 2021? Do you still have employees working from home?

Company was able to compensate downturn activity in specific segments such as automotive by stronger activity in other segments like electronic passive components or smart card micromodules. Overall the year 2021 is going to be above 2020 but this has not been an easy year due to all the supply chain and raw material issues

Has your company been affected by the inventory shortages of semiconductors and electronic components in 2021?

Are you able to hire enough qualified employees? Of course yes ! Those customers which are not integrated with silicon dies manufacturing have suffered the most. Furthermore, the very intricated supply chain logistic of electronic assembly is making very hard to predict where the weak link is. PROTAVIC INTERNATIONAL was faced with all kinds of situations, however our internal organization setup (middle and human sized) has allowed to maintain supply without disruption.

What are your expectations for the electronics assembly industry in 2022?

It is very hard to predict, we plan for conservative results and hope for better than expected ! Overall the trend goes upwards due to the megatrend of digitalization. The surrounding environment of silicon die scarcity, increase on transport cost and energy cost burden is leading to a stop and go pattern for the electronic assembly activity. However PROTAVIC International is confident about the future.

Have you or will you travel again to customer sites or industry conferences in 2022?

Of course yes. PROTAVIC International will exhibit at shows and conferences wherever it is possible. It is important to meet people and initiate new projects, we maintain a dedicated technical sales team throughout the world for this purpose. Parallel to this approach, we will put the emphasis on-line interaction with more communications on website or on technical platform about the new products and the new applications for PROTAVIC International.

Robert Moor, CEO
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