February 14, 2022

VIEWPOINT 2022: Tom Forsythe, Director, Magnalytix

VIEWPOINT 2022: Tom Forsythe, Director, Magnalytix
Tom Forsythe, Director, Magnalytix
The use of electronics today impacts all walks of life. Miniaturization is driving highly dense printed circuit assemblies. Widespread use of electronic systems exposes electronics to variation of humidity and temperature conditions. Contamination under these small components can cause intermittent and total device failure.

Our industry's never ending qualify and hyper efficiency is reliant on economical and efficient test methods and equipment that can successfully detect and help our operations teams deliver high first pass, high quality product on time for our customers.

Magnalytix test instruments are SMART tools that help assembly qualify, monitor and control their processes to ensure process contamination is minimized.

Tom Forsythe, Director
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