January 13, 2022

VIEWPOINT 2022: Fred Dimock, Principle, Fred C Dimock Global Services

VIEWPOINT 2022: Fred Dimock, Principle, Fred C Dimock Global Services
Fred Dimock, Principle, Fred C Dimock Global Services
The Wisdom of Why

Many years ago I heard someone say, "If you know how to do something you will have a job, but if you know why it is done that way you will be the leader." Although this is over simplified, it contains a large amount of truth.

In the beginning of the Covid lockdown, "work from home" required that many people learn how to participate in meetings, assist customers, conduct training sessions, discuss concerns with colleagues, and attend/present at virtual conferences from a chair in front of their computer screen or on the telephone. In my case, working from home increased the amount of work required to do a good job because many tasks such as online training sessions limited face-to-face feedback from the audience.

A big surprise and sometimes concern, was the number of inexperienced engineers that had process issues or questions because an experienced person was no longer available at their facility. Covering more of the basics became necessary to help them understand why we doing certain things.

During the height of the lockdown, many companies were feeling the financial effects of Covid. When I was placed on part time, my colleagues and I were surprised because of my busy schedule, ongoing contribution to projects, proficiency of assisting customers, and participation in technical societies. This "free time" gave me an opportunity to begin my own consulting business, but due to conflicts of interest and quarantine requirements doing consulting work was difficult. Additionally, my "free time" was not really free because I was repeatedly asked to participate in meetings and provide timely responses during my nonworking days.

Unfortunately, when the "lockdown" was lifted and we returned to the office, the company had me remain on part time. Like many older, experienced folks, I felt that my work was not valued, therefore, I decided to semi-retire and pursue consulting.

How have things changed since Covid? According to numerous reports, experienced professionals are leaving industry in large numbers. Experienced professionals are not returning to work and we are losing important knowledge and experience. Lack of knowledge and experience leads to the loss of wisdom, which results in not having The Wisdom of Why.

Fred Dimock, Principle
Fred C Dimock Global Services
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