January 13, 2022

VIEWPOINT 2022: Robert Crosby-Clarke, Commercial Director, Electrolube

VIEWPOINT 2022: Robert Crosby-Clarke, Commercial Director, Electrolube
Robert Crosby-Clarke, Commercial Director, Electrolube
MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a global supplier of integrated solutions from our Circuitry, Assembly and Semiconductor divisions that provides unmatched capabilities in electronics design and manufacturing, acquired Electroblube in May 2021.

Despite the endless challenges of the global pandemic, Electrolube exceeded all budget expectations with the successful launch of new product innovations.

We pushed the limits of traditional conformal coating chemistries to develop the first in a range of new bio coatings with 75% organic renewable content. We also launched a highly thermally conductive new gap filler with great success. Our Indian manufacturing site has also developed localised encapsulation resins that are tailored to local applications.

In 2022, we will expand our thermal management and encapsulation resin ranges even further, as always encompassing automotive solutions. We anticipate growth of our solvent-free 2K range of conformal coatings, which are finding commercial success in many applications.

The EV industry is experiencing exponential growth, allowing for an wide ranging potential of applications including battery, sensor and engine applications. Our recent change of status, becoming one of the MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions group of companies allows an overarching solutions approach and broad market appeal.

Robert Crosby-Clarke, Commercial Director
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