February 18, 2021

VIEWPOINT 2021: Michael Kou, Owner, Accu-Assembly Inc.

VIEWPOINT 2021: Michael Kou, Owner, Accu-Assembly Inc.
Michael Kou, Owner, Accu-Assembly Inc.
Business becoming slow for all geographic locations in 2020. Many customers are uncertain as to what their future business will be, so they are holding back on capital expenditures. With that said, many customers are very interested in having better control of their inventory and we believe material management will be the next frontier for automation. We are optimistic that customers will commit to capital equipment spending in the storage area in 2021.

The pandemic has raised some issues that were never anticipated in the past. The forced reduction in headcounts due to social distancing as well as the availability of labor have become urgent problems that customers will need to address. The reduction in head count is now more than just a cost issue and has serious implications to the operation of the business.

We believe the labor-intensive operation in the warehouse can easily be handled by the AccuStock SMT Reel Storage System reducing the foot traffic in the warehouse. The totally automated design for mass storage of component reels is unique to AccuStock and is as close to a 'light's out' warehouse as it can be. Operators just need to stack the reels onto the reel loaders, walk away and let the machine finish the job. Dispensing reel is just as easy. Hope the pandemic will be over soon, but the scenario presented by this pandemic will have long lasting affect in how warehouses are run so we are cautiously optimistic about sales in 2021.

Robotics for use in the medical and other industries
- Automation products
-Automotive electronics
-Robotics for use in the medical and other industries
-Automation products
- New emerging contactless technologies
- Medical devices

Michael Kou, Owner,
Accu-Assembly Inc.
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