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Challenging Cleaning Problem
We are designing an ECG monitor that uses an embedded phone-modem LGA module. This phone modem is shielded, however, it is not hermetically sealed. The manufacturer ...
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Charlie Pitarys
Technical Expert Sales Support, Kyzen Corporation
Terry Munson
President/Senior Technical Consultant, Foresite
Rick Perkins
President, Chem Logic
Lee Wilmot
Director, EHS, TTM Technologies
Fritz Byle
Process Engineer, Astronautics
Selective Printing for BGA Components
Moisture Sensitivity Level for Bare Boards
Long Term Component Storage
Reusing recovered solder paste
Removal of Non-functional Pads from Inner Layers
Reliability of Automated Soldering vs. Hand Soldering
Profiling for Double Sided BGA
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What Year Was It?
A Streetcar Named Desire Opens
What Year
Marlon Brando's famous cry of "STELLA!" first booms across a Broadway stage, electrifying the audience at the Ethel Barrymore Theater during the first performance of A Streetcar Named Desire.
The day was Dec 3. What year was it?
December 3, 2021
How Much Has Quantum Computing Actually Advanced?
Lately, it seems as though the path to quantum computing has more milestones than there are miles. Judging by headlines, each week holds another big announcement—an advance in qubit size, or another record-breaking investment: First IBM announced a 127-qubit chip. Then QuEra announced a 256-qubit neutral atom quantum computer. There's now a new behemoth quantum computing company, ...
IEEE Spectrum
Global Smartphone Shipments Expected to Grow 5.3% in 2021, Despite Supply Chain Constraints, According to IDC
According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, shipments of smartphones will grow 5.3% year over year in 2021, reaching ...
Apple warns suppliers of demand dip
Apple Inc, which is affected by a global supply crunch, is now confronting a different problem: slowing demand. The company has told its component suppliers that ...
Taipei Times
iPhone 13 Production Gets Very Bad News: Apple Facing Massive Shortage
Due to chip scarcity concerns, Apple's iPhone 13 is experiencing a massive production shortage. However, it seems that the tech giant is facing another bad news, , which is ...
Tesla says it needs graphite from China for batteries, requests tariff waiver
Tesla is among the hundreds of auto industry players asking the U.S. Trade Representative for extended tariff waivers on parts and materials imported from China used ...
It's the 21st Century, Ditch Those Spreadsheets and Automate
We are in an unprecedented age of the "4th Industrial Revolution" -- a phrase coined by the World Economic Forum’s Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab back in 2015. ...
EPS News
AI Training Is Outpacing Moore's Law
The days and sometimes weeks it took to train AIs only a few years ago was a big reason behind the launch of billions of dollars-worth of new computing startups over ...
IEEE Spectrum
Hon Hai mulls Saudi EV venture
Saudi Arabia and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co are in talks to form a joint venture to make electric vehicles (EVs), a move that could help accelerate plans by the oil-dependent ...
Taipei Times
Reflow For Rigid Flex
We have a new PCB assembly that includes a section of flex cable and FR4 circuit board. What are the reflow rules I need to consider? The Assembly Brothers, Phil Zarrow ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
Ripple Effect of Unhappy Coworkers
It seems like every office has at least one employee who's constantly complaining about one thing or another or just generally has a bad attitude. Sometimes their ..
Industry watch: Policymakers must act fast for EV industry
UMC co-founder John Hsuan divides those who want to participate in the electric vehicle (EV) business into three categories: Traditional car manufacturers such as ...
Risk and Solution for No-Clean Flux Not Dried Under Components
In this work, a new halogen-free no-clean SnAgCu solder paste, 33-76-1, has been developed.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Apple is working on a revolutionary universal charger
Despite the death of AirPower, work on Apple's universal charger is reportedly still ongoing. Back in 2017, Apple announced AirPower, a new charging accessory that would ...
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Storm Circuit Technology Ltd
Storm Circuit provides 1-30 layers rigid PCB(Printed Circuit Boards),1-4 flexible PCB (FPC),1-10 layers rigid-flex PCB ...
Atotech USA Inc.
We want to build on our leading position as a surface-finishing solutions provider and become ...
SMTC Corporation
Founded in 1985, SMTC Corporation is a mid-size provider of end-to-end electronics manufacturing services (EMS) ...
PARMI Co., Ltd. is a technology-intensive corporation that develops and supplies in-line 3D inspection machines ...
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Scienscope Receives GLOBAL Tech Award for ID Systems / Component Counters
Scienscope International
LeeMAH Electronics Selects Juki's G-Titan Screen Printer
Juki Automation Systems
Indium Honored as Global Leader in 'Solder and Materials' with BETA Award
Indium Corporation
SMTA Seeks Donations for Hutchins Grant and Stromberg Scholarship
SCS to Host High-Rel Coating Solutions for Demanding Environments Webinar
Specialty Coating Systems (SCS)
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