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Seeking Advise for a Solder Reflow Recipe
I have a new product coming in and need some ideas on reflow recipe creation. The pcb has a .040" copper core with 2 oz. copper on the top layer and 2 oz. ...
Responses by:
Kevin Mobley
PCBA Engineering Liaison, General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems Group
Fred Dimock
Manager, Process Technology, BTU International
Tony Lentz
Field Applications, FCT Assembly
Paul Austen
Senior Project Engineer, Electronic Controls Design Inc
Mark Waterman
M.O.L.E. Line Product Manager, Electronic Controls Design, Inc. (ECD)
Mark Stansfield
Founder / Director, SolderStar Ltd
Options for Reballing BGA Components
Solder Paste Viscosity
MSD Components Baked Too Long
Aluminum Trays and Rapid Static Discharge
Seeking IPC and J-STD Definitions
Is Component Lead Damage Reparable?
BGA Solder Ball Shelf Life
Industry Calendar
Sep 21, 2021
Webinar: Take a Deep Dive into Your Dispensing Process with Neptune
Koh Young America, Inc.
Sep 21, 2021
InSIDER Series Webinar: Intermetallics
Indium Corporation
Sep 21, 2021
FREE Webinar - Improvements in Yield and Reliability for SMT Processes
Sep 28, 2021
Empire Expo & Tech Forum
Oct 5, 2021
Tampa Bay Expo & Tech Forum
What Year Was It?
Battle of Antietam
What Year
Confederate and Union troops in the Civil War clash near Maryland's Antietam Creek in the bloodiest one-day battle in American history.
The day was Sep 17. What year was it?
September 17, 2021
Competing Visions Underpin China's Quantum Computer Race
China and the US are in a race to conquer quantum computing, which promises to unleash the potential of artificial intelligence and give the owner all-seeing, code-breaking powers. But there is a race within China itself among companies trying to dominate the space, led by tech giants Alibaba and Baidu. Like their competitors IBM, Google, Honeywell, and D-Wave, both Chinese companies ...
IEEE Spectrum
Foxconn prototype spied
Spy shots recently emerged of a prototype vehicle made by tech giant Foxconn. Given similar technologies between EVs and electronic devices, Foxconn is one of many ...
Car News
The Future of Remote Patient Monitoring Technologies
Advancements in remote patient monitoring (RPM) mean physicians can get a clear picture of health outside of face-to-face appointments. That’s a crucial advantage ...
EPS News
Apple's next big technology was absent at the iPhone 13 launch, but Tim Cook says he's still a fan
At Apple's annual launch event this week, it revealed new iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches, all of which were refinements of previous models. What Apple didn't ...
Start a Mindfulness Practice and to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Business
Being an entrepreneur is stressful. It's a lot worse if you don't take any time for your mental health. And if your stress is getting in the way of your happiness, ...
Not on Speaking Terms
I was just about to do an interview with folks at Sonos last week when my Sonos One speaker began playing out of the blue -- and loudly. I yelled to Alexa to stop, but ...
EE Times
The iPhone 13 is already showing strong early sales in China, local media reports say
More Chinese consumers are rushing to order Apple's latest iPhone now than last year, according to a South China Morning Post report published. More than 2 million ...
Foxconn suspends plans with Byton
Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn has suspended its plans to cooperate with the struggling Chinese electric car start-up Byton. Insiders say this is due to Byton's ...
01005 Component Challenges and Bugs
We are going forward with assemblies that use 01005 components. We're wondering if you have some input as to the challenges we will face. The Assembly Brothers ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12: Should you upgrade to the new iPhone?
Apple has finally taken the wraps off of the iPhone 13 series, boasting the best performance in an iPhone ever, along with a range of awesome new features. The iPhone 13 ...
Worldwide Enterprise Applications Revenue Grew 4.1% in 2020 as Organizations Responded to the Pandemic with Investments in Digital Resiliency, According to IDC
The enterprise applications market continued to grow in 2020 as organizations accelerated their digital transformation efforts in response to the business disruptions ...
Technologies and Standards to Realize Smart Manufacturing
The future of manufacturing in the Electronics Industry is dependent on the ability to develop and deploy technology platforms to realize Smart Manufacturing and ...
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
GF, Qualcomm team up for advanced 5G RF front-end devices
GlobalFoundries (GF) has announced the foundry is continuing its partnership with Qualcomm, expanding their RF collaboration on 5G multi-Gigabit speed RF front-end ...
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Brewer Science
Brewer Science
Brewer Science is a global leader in ...
CCL (Computer Components Ltd.)
CCL (Computer Components Ltd.)
Established in 1997. CCL is a UK ...
cyberTECHNOLOGIES is dedicated to providing our clients ...
SEMI is the global industry association that ...
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STI Electronics' David Raby Receives Prestigious SMTA Award
STI Electronics, Inc.
Radiant Presents at DVN Workshop on Safety Systems for Nighttime Driving
Radiant Vision Systems, LLC
SMTA 'Members of Distinction' Awards Announced
Andy Naisbitt, CEO, GEN3 Discusses 'Objective Evidence'
Gen3 Systems Limited
Yamaha to demonstrate latest robots for industrial automation at Motek 2021
Yamaha Motor Europe Factory Automation
Saki Develops Next Generation 3D AOI System with Artificial Intelligence
Saki Corporation
KYZEN Releases New Tech 2 Tech Packages to Bring Series Full Circle
Indium Corporation to Feature Precision Gold Solutions at Space Tech Expo
Indium Corporation
BAE Systems Uses VJ Electronix Waffle Pack/Inspection/Counting System
VJ Electronix
Kodiak Assembly Solutions Is ITAR Compliant
Kodiak Assembly Solutions LLLP
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