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Feb 27, 2017
Mobile World Seeks to Reinvent Itself
Seeking to escape a cycle of falling prices and tight regulation, big telecom operators from Vimpelcom to Telefonica are set to reinvent themselves as internet players to escape the industry's straight-jacket of low growth. Next week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will feature phone companies in various stages of acceptance that the industry's predictable, decades-old ...
Google's digital assistant comes to new Android phones
Alphabet Inc's Google announced that it will bring its digital assistant to smartphones running the latest versions of its Android operating system, vastly expanding ...
iPad supply chain makers likely to report disappointing 1Q17 sales
First-quarter 2017 results of Taiwan-based makers in the iPad supply chain, notably touch panel makers TPK Holding and General Interface Solution (GIS), are hanging ...
Alphabet's self-driving car unit sues Uber with trade theft charge
Alphabet Inc's Waymo self-driving car unit sued Uber Technologies and its autonomous trucking subsidiary Otto on Thursday over allegations of theft of its confidential ...
IDC Releases 2017 Global Security Product & Service Predictions
By 2021, 50% of online transactions will use biometric authentication, and by 2018, 70% of enterprise cybersecurity environments will use cognitive/AI technologies ...
As thin as an atom: A revolutionary semiconductor for electronics
A two-dimensional material developed by Bayreuth physicist Prof. Dr. Axel Enders together with international partners could revolutionize electronics. A two-dimensional ...
Science Daily
The new BlackBerry has a physical keyboard and will arrive in April
The KEYone is the first new BlackBerry since TCL licensed the brand. The new BlackBerry KEYone smartphone, unveiled Saturday, is the first smartphone to carry ...
PC World
You Have to Bring More to the Table Than Your Bright Idea
Over the years I have met a number of people who claim, accurately or inaccurately, to have been cheated out of their idea by an unscrupulous entrepreneur. This isn't ...
Focusing on Core Competency
A startup can shave 12 months or more off the development cycle by outsourcing non-essential elements of product design. I'm hearing from different sources ...
EE Times
Automated Program Synthesis
Researchers are using a model of programming "automated program synthesis," computers generate pieces of code based on a user's intent.
Circuit Insight - Technology Briefing
Build Habits That Change With You And Your Goals
Maximize the great habits you formed from The Goal Standard Challenge. Congrats! You've completed The Goal Standard Challenge! It was a tough five-weeks and ...
Reliability Impact of Partial Pad Craters
PCB pad craters are associated with single overstress events that cause immediate failure. This examines the effects of partial pad craters on reliability.
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab
Alexa, Rivals Speak to OEMs
New silicon and services are on the way to expand the emerging field of ambient computing Amazon pioneered with Alexa. New options may arrive this year from Google ...
EE Times
How to Make Good Habits Stick
As the late Stephen Covey taught in his runaway bestseller, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, cultivating good habits is essential to an entrepreneur's success ...
Assembly and Reliability Investigation of PoP
This paper discusses the results of independent experiments to address aspects of successful Package on Package integration.
Circuit Insight - Materials Tech
Real-World Industrial IoT Finally Takes Shape
The Internet of Things (IoT) has long had consumers excited as they consider how their refrigerator might send messages to the grocery store or explore the wide variety ...
Open Source: Not Pragmatic After All?
Does the fate of open-source consumer office apps have something to teach us about the long-term reliability of open source?. I was pretty shocked when I heard, a ...
EE Times
Paying with Your Face
Face-detecting systems in China now authorize payments, provide access to facilities, and track down criminals. Will other countries follow? Shortly after walking through ...
MIT Technology Review
Press Releases
Alpha to Introduce Several New Product Technologies at Productronica China
New Bosch microscanner BML050 for interactive laser projection
ViTrox & Aegis Software Announce New Programming Interface
Fibox wins with a Knock Out!
IPC Bestows Debbie Wade, Advanced Rework Tech, with IPC President's Award
EOS/ESD Association, Inc. Tutorials, Vietnam
YAMAHA Wins NPI New Product Award at APEX for Revolutionary Z:TA-R / YSM40R
Safety in focus: infrared LED for iris scanners protects against intruders
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Rodney Miller, Capital Equipment Operations Manager, Specialty Coating Systems
Garry McGuire, Sr. Engineer, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center
Kris Roberson, Manager of Assembly Technology, IPC

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