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Top Story December 2, 2016
Can Intel Win Auto Brain Chip Race?
Call it the Silicon Valley 500. Can Intel take the checkered flag in the race for a dominant brain chip in the automotive market? Eighteen months ago, the answer would have been... not so fast. Despite Intel's outsized auto ambitions, the odds were bleak. That narrative, however, is beginning to change. Even if Intel might not dominate the brain-chip market, the company is gaining ...
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Industry News
Electronics OEMs Advance Responsible Sourcing Initiative
The globalization of the electronics industry has presented both opportunities and challenges for the supply chain. As electronics companies source more raw materials ...
Electronics Purchasing Strategies
Foxconn to ship 60,000 Pepper robots in 2016
Foxconn Electronics is expected to ship a total of 60,000 Pepper robots from its plant in Shandong, China in 2016, valued at US$500 million, according to a Chinese ...
Fallen smartphone brand Nokia challenges Apple, Samsung again
Nokia smartphones are poised for a comeback after former managers at the Finnish company licensed the handset brand from Microsoft and struck up partnerships with ...
Smart Cities, Challenging Issues
Smart cities are coming. Not everything will be connected, and not everything will be connected at once. Still, governments around the globe are beginning to tap ...
Semiconductor Engineering
HP's holiday wish list: Retaking the PC throne and making printing cool again
There is a lot of construction happening at the former Hewlett-Packard offices in Palo Alto, Calif., a sign of the rebuilding needed after the corporate demolition ...
Market Watch
Mixed Cleaning - No Clean and Water Soluble
What problems might we encounter if we clean no clean boards using a water wash systems set up to clean water soluble fluxes. The Assembly Brothers, Jim Hall ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk

DNA Test Reveals How Well You're Aging
I've almost finished reading a great book: Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters by Matt Ridley. This was first published in 1999, which is a long ...
EE Times
Intel Snags Exec from ARM to Run IoT
Fresh blood and a little reorganizations might be the key for Intel Corp. to succeed in two hot new markets - IoT and automotive - that will be crucial for its ...
EE Times
Zip-lock Bags vs. Heat Sealed Bags
Are zip-lock bags vs. heat sealed bags an acceptable option for storage of moisture sensitive components?
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
ISM: Manufacturing Growth 'Sustainable'
U.S. manufacturing activity in November reached its highest level since February 2015, positioning the industry to close 2016 on a positive note. The Institute ...
Electronics Purchasing Strategies
Controlling chain conformations to enhance electronic devices
Controlling the way fluorinated polymer chains twist and turn may enable fast and flexible electrical circuits, according to collaborative research conducted ...
Do I Need to Clean My No-clean Assembly?
IPC Manager, Kris Roberson, explains how IPC-CH-65 Guidelines for Cleaning of Printed Boards and Assemblies may change your views.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor

Implantable medical devices can be hacked to harm patients
It's possible to transmit life-threatening signals to implanted medical devices with no prior knowledge of how the devices work, researchers in Belgium and the U.K. ...
Knowledge Isn't Power When it Creates Confusion
How much does the media influence you? Go to CNN, Fox News, the Huffington Post, Facebook, turn on the radio, and you will hear all about the crazy things going ...
Supply Chains Stay the Course in 2017
many Just like weather forecasts, the stock market, an election, or the team that wins the World Series (who could have imagined the Cubs), predictions concerning ...
Every So-Called 'Huge' iPhone 8 Rumor Has Been About Old Features. Yawn
Did you hear about that MASSIVE, CRAZY iPhone rumor? No? Surely you've seen these posts spam your Google news results. iPhone rumors and Apple leaks are highly ...
How to Transform Conflict and Gain Respect
Wouldn't it be a different world if everybody behaved in a way that is to your liking? Unfortunately, people's responses can often be anger, resentment, dissent ...
Want Faster Electronics? Researchers Use Light in Transistors
It appears when it comes to fast, light is still the way to go. Modern researchers now point toward the integration of photons -- light particles -- in electronics ...
Nature World News
Worldwide Tablet Market Forecast to Rebound in 2018 as Detachables Gain Traction in Both Mature and Emerging Markets
Worldwide tablet shipments are expected to decline by 12% in 2016, rounding out the year at 182.3 million shipments, according to a new forecast from the ...
Press Releases
Saki Incorporates its 3D AOI & SPI Systems into Fuji's Smart Factory Line
ACE announces selective soldering workshop schedule for 2017
Indium's Karch Recognized for Best Presentation at IMAPS Autumn Conference
Expanded family of Modular PXIe Digitizers for wideband applications
Conecsus Launches Web Site; 'Green' Knowledge Resource for Metals Recycling
Count On Tools, Inc. Breaks Ground on Expansion to Finish Its 25th Year
WKK Distribution Acquires Product Lines from Top Precision Tool Company
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Board Spacing During Reflow
When running boards through a convection reflow oven, should there be a gap between boards of one board length? Or will it typically make no difference ...
Responses by:
Brian O'Leary, Global Account Manager, Indium Corporation
Paul Austen, Senior Project Engineer, Electronic Controls Design Inc
Mark Waterman, Engineer / Trainer, Electronic Controls Design, Inc. (ECD)
Doug Dixon, Global Marketing Director, Henkel Electronics

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Assemble, Cool, Encapsulate, Illuminate
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Squadron Lost in Bermuda Triangle
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Mar 9, 2017: Houston Expo & Tech Forum
Mar 27, 2017: 2017 EOS/ESD Manufacturing Symposium in Singapore
Apr 19, 2017: Atlanta 21st Annual Expo
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Which came first, the telephone, the elevator, or the radio?
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